Hypertufa Molds Ideas And Materials

Hypertufa Molds IdeasAlmost everyone new to hypertufa will be having problems with their hypertufa molds. This is absolutely normal and you don’t have to feel bad about that. You’ll be wondering what is consider a good mold, where can you get them, what molds can you create own your own and more. Read on and discover the answers for those questions especially on how to make hypertufa molds.

The first thing usually comes to mind is where can we get or buy the molds for hypertufa. You really don’t have to purchase them. You can just use any material available in your own house.It’s all depend on the shape that you wanted for your hypertufa projects. Just make sure the item is sturdy enough.


Some of the household item that you can use is :

  • Cardbox boxes
  • Plastic container
  • Styrofoam ice boxes
  • Wicker baskets
  • Flat weave baskets
  • Mixing bowls
  • Vases
  • And many more. Just try to picture what end shape that you want and be creative about it.

Besides ready made objects, you can use woods to create your own hypertufa molds. All you need is woods, screws and a screwdriver. You’ll have to screw pieces of wood together. The easiest hypertufa molds to create using woods is a square shape or a rectangular one.

The accepted consensus of a good material to use as hypertufa molds is plastic. It’s considered the best due to the plastic surface which hypertufa will come off easily. Furthermore, it’s cheap and easily obtainable. Any plastic container either big or small of any shape will work great.  I’m sure there’s a lot of plastic container in a household. You can the spare one or the one that you do not use anymore.

One main concern is how to place/put the hypertufa on the outside of the mold. It would almost fall/slip off the mold itself. If you manage to do it, then another problem arises. The hypertufa would definitely stuck to the mold. To encounter these problem, you would need to use a plastic bag and line it with the hypertufa molds. Another option for you is to use a release agent and coat it around the mold.

Here’s a few handy tips for your hypertufa molds that you can apply:

  • Decide on which side of the mold that you will use. If you the inside, your hypertufa creation will be smaller the the mold size. It will be larger if you use the outside of the mold.
  • Do not try and use any stainless steel objects as a mold. We can considered it as one of the worst material for a hypertufa mold. You will have a problem to pry the hypertufa out of the stainless steel mold.
  • To be on the safe side, always use plastic bag as a lining between the mold and your hypertufa. You will safe yourself from a lot of headache this way.
  • After you’ve finished the unmolding process, you can clean up the mold so that you can reuse in the future. Clean carefully to ensure that there’s no marks left. You just need water, sponges and maybe a piece of scotch brite foe the cleaning purpose

Remember, don’t be afraid to try a material to be hypertufa molds ideas. Think of the outcome and let the creative juice flow. You will find out that the molds discovery process is considered to be on of the best part in creating hypertufa.

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